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Yes We Can When We Trust God’s Plan

 There is always something special about starting a new year. It seems to be a universal time for a new beginning. Just like any other type of fresh start, we get to put away all the things that didn’t work out right and do some things in a new and improved way. We want a better future, so we jump at the chance to mark this moment with renewed hope.


So let’s start this new year right. Let’s do this thing with a  “Yes We Can” attitude. Regardless of the problems we face we can overcome anything with a winning attitude. We may not always get the outcome we want, but we can choose to come out of our problems better than we were before. The word promises us that.

Our first step to a “Yes We Can” attitude is trusting God’s plan

Romans 8:28 (NLT)” And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

Now before I talk about what this scripture means to me, let me explain what it does not say. Many people love to misquote this scripture with a phrase that goes something like this, “everything happens for a reason.” And some people honestly believe there is some divine plan behind anything that happens and there is nothing happening unless God has ordered it that way. But that is not true. From the very beginning God gave man a free will to choose even the bad things that are against God’s will.

So here is what this scripture says; God will take everything we go through, the good, the bad, and the indifferent and He will use the ingredients of our circumstances in a way that works out to be good for us. He will take any situation, any circumstance, any trial, and any blessing and He will use  it in a way that changes who we have been before into who He has called us to be. The catch is, do we love God and do we want to be called into His purpose? Because again, our choice plays a role here. We can choose to allow our circumstances to push us away from God and therefore away from His ability to work it out for our good.

You may say “yea I love God, but I’m not sure what His purpose is for me.” But in this context of what the word is teaching us, all of His children are called into one purpose. According to the next verse, our main purpose in life is to become more like Jesus.

Romans 8:29 (NLT) “ For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son, so that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.”

First hand experience

I personally learned this lesson many years ago when Janet and I were going through one of our darkest hours. She desperately wanted out of our marriage and if I had done more than move to the couch for those few months she would have had her way. We were at a standoff over our home and our children. She wouldn’t leave and I wouldn’t leave either. And on top of that I was doing everything I could to convince her that our marriage was worth saving.

It was then in the mist of our struggle that God began to do some things inside of me. I was changing into a new man and Janet could not deny what she was seeing. I remember once I even told her, “God is changing me and I’m going to come out of this situation a better man regardless of how this marriage turns out.” It was the kind of thing she needed to hear. Before long she began to doubt herself and the decision she was making. She began to worry, “what if I miss out on what God is doing? Could I be making the biggest mistake of my life?” Eventually, my “Yes We Can” attitude began to rub off on Janet until she gave our marriage another chance.

Attitudes are contagious.

The more exposure you have to the “Yes We Can” attitude the better you are. It is not about living in denial and pretending there is no problem. But it is simply taking your focus off of the problems and trusting that no matter what, God will work your circumstances out for your good. So, that either way you’re in a win, win situation.

What’s your story? Do you have a testimony of how God has or is working your situation out for your good? We would love to hear from you. Would you consider leaving us a comment?

Until next time, God bless and keep allowing His perfect work to be  performed in you and in your marriage.


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