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6 Reasons Why Divorce Doesn’t Happen in a Spirit-Filled Marriage

I recently heard a minister on the radio say “no Spirit-filled couple has ever divorced.” When I heard that I had to stop for a minute to consider what he said. Then when I thought about what the scripture teaches I had to agree with him.


I’ll explain why this is true. But first I will clarify what this is not saying. This statement is not saying a Spirit-filled person will never go through a divorce. There are many people that have been through a divorce that gave their best to God and their marriage. The divorce was against their will. It happened because of what was wrong in their spouse’s heart. One person living a Spirit-filled life is not enough for a Spirit-filled marriage. It takes two to make this statement true. Read more

The Real War in Marriage

There is a war that goes on in marriage, but I believe way too many people misunderstand what the real war in marriage is all about.





I remember how offended I felt when someone I knew posted a statement on Facebook that said, “marriage is the only war where you sleep with the enemy.” For them it was meant to be a joke and so my response to them was a little too harsh because I wanted them to take their marriage more serious.

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You Can Have a Great Marriage without All the Pain

Janet and I have now been married for more than thirty years. We are very thankful to have made it this far and we are looking forward to many more years to come. We are very happy now, although sometimes we feel a little sadness to think of all the years we wasted and how close we came to missing out on the marriage we have today.

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The fact of the matter is we should have had a happy marriage a long, long time ago. But we just kept getting it wrong and causing each other a lot of heartache and pain, which brings me to the idea I have been thinking about the last few days.

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