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Are You Drawing Lines in The Sand

What are your deal breakers? Do you draw lines in the sand? Is there a point when you say enough is enough? What does it take to end your marriage? I know most of us try to hold true to the words Jesus spoke: “Let therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate.” But I also know most of us have some exceptions we would make to this rule. Given the right circumstances, most of us could be pushed to the point where we would draw our line in the sand.

lines in the sand

My deal breaker was infidelity. I had seen so much of it growing up and I knew how much pain it caused I became very afraid it. My fear of it even pushed me into a place of denial the first two times my marriage was in trouble. I was willing to accept my wife had had emotional affairs. But I couldn’t handle knowing she had been sexually intimate with someone else. Even when she tried to confess to me about her first affair my reaction was so severe she immediately retracted it and told me only as much as I was willing to accept. Read more