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Renovated Hearts

Today’s guest post for Stories of Redeemed Marriages is from Cassandra Salamone.


My husband and I have been together since 2005 but married two years and 5.75 months. We share 4 children together–a full house! Right from the start of our relationship, we developed a deep love for one another, but our foundation was cracked. We knew when we said our marriage vows that we were building our house–our marriage– on a foundation that was cracked by selfishness, pride, resentments, and distrust.

My husband wanted to postpone our marriage. I felt a push in my spirit from God to make certain we did not delay, so we proceeded with His building plans (our marriage) in spite of our shoddy relationship. I went into our marriage with one focus: to change my husband into the man I thought he should be. My husband has told me that he went into our marriage with the desire to escape it even though he loved me and wanted to do the right thing by God.

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