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The Wrong and Right Way To Let Go of Offence

There is a wrong way and a right way of letting go of the things that hurt you. When someone does us wrong or has bad behavior that offends us, we will often say “I just let it go,” or “I don’t even let it bother me.” But often when we think we are letting go of something that hurts us, the truth is the offence actually still has some effect on us and could be damaging to our future.


So what is the wrong way and the right way of letting something go?

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Two Wrong Ways to Handle Conflict

It all starts out the same. A man and woman fall deeply in love, they start with an irresistible attraction for each other, and then they find they are connected on so many levels of compatibility. They can’t possibly see their love fading or their marriage struggling. But then it happens, their first major fight and they wonder what in the world just happened. Before you know it they’re fighting all the time.

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Most marriages start out good with all the love you could possibly want. Then as the stress of life and conflicts over differences set in, something begins to change. Bit by bit they watch a good marriage go bad.

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