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Love Redeems

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16

“This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:12-13

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 “knowing that you were not redeemed with perishable things like silver or gold from your futile way of life inherited from your forefathers,19 but with precious blood, as of a lamb unblemished and spotless, the blood of Christ.” 1 Peter 1:18-19


The greatest example of love the world has ever known was Jesus going to the cross to lay down His life so that we could be saved. It was love that predetermined what God’s plan was for our redemption. And because the word tells us God is love, He had no other choice but to send Jesus to save us, because God’s love is a redeeming love.

Love redeems

The same thing was true for me when I was faced with marriage troubles. It wasn’t that I believed so much in my commitment that I had no choice but to hang onto my marriage. I do firmly believe in commitment, but pure will power alone would not have been enough to endure the darkest moments of our marriage struggles.

And it wasn’t out of my own pitiful desperation that made me hang on. Although I did feel very hurt and rejected, I never felt I was doomed to a lonely life of misery because my marriage had failed.

No, the only real reason I fought to save my marriage was because the love of God compelled me to do so. It wasn’t easy. There were times when the chances of saving my marriage looked so bad I wanted to quit. There were times when I felt so hurt and rejected it was all I could do to not run away. There were times I struggled with anger, fits of rage, jealousy, resentment, fear, hopelessness, and loneliness. But the love of God never failed to bring me through it. 

It was His love that gently walked me through all the emotions I felt. And it was His love that worked through me and toward my wife that gave me strength and sustained me when I didn’t have it in myself to go on anymore. And it was His love that worked the changes in me that had to be made so that I could be the man of God, husband, and father I needed to be.

So I know love redeems

His love redeemed my life, His love redeemed my marriage, His love redeemed my family, and it is still His love that keeps redeeming me over and over everyday so that my life will be everything He has purposed it to be.

What was lost has been found. What was falling apart has been restored. What was broken has been rebuilt. Was dead has come back to life. What was taken captive has been freed. What was destroyed has been and still is being redeemed.

Love redeems

I believe every marriage can be redeemed just as I believe every life can be saved. It is a conviction that I have to stand by, not because I think every marriage problem is not as bad as it seems. No, I know there are marriage problems that go way beyond any human ability to solve. But because I believe we have a loving God who wants to pour Himself into any situation and redeem what is impossible for any of us, then I have to believe that all things are possible for Him.

Does that mean I would tolerate abusive situations where there is physical, emotional, or sexual abuse going on in the marriage or with the children?….. No. I know that safety and protection has to be kept as high priority in all situations. 

Does that mean I am judgmental toward anyone who has given up on their marriage?……No. I know all of us fall short of God’s perfect plan in some way or another. And it is only by His grace that any of us have any hope at all.

I know that not all marriages will be saved just as I also know that not all people will give their lives to the Lord and be saved. But I’m not focusing on what is probable, I’m focusing on what is possible.

Because I know God is love and love redeems.


Question: How has God’s redeeming love showed up in your life? Leave us a comment and tell us your story.



  1. jackandjanet says:

    Thank you Fawn. We are honored that you would read our blog and agree with something we have said. May God continue to bless your ministry.

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