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Watching a Marriage Fall Apart is Like Watching Someone’s Home Burn

Marriage ministry means a lot to us. We love helping couples build strong marriages. And we love helping hurting couples restore their marriages. But sometimes couples won’t let us help. Then when we watch a marriage fall apart it reminds me of a time I watched a family’s home burn to the ground.

watching marriage fall apart

I was a teenager at the time. My family and I were driving down the highway, almost home, when up ahead of we saw the flashing red lights of fire trucks. As we slowed down approaching the scene we could see a house was on fire. Read more

Has Your Spouse Found Someone New?

This is also a continuation of yesterday’s post, What if You’re the Only One Holding On.

Today I will deal with what you should do if your spouse has found someone new, but you still want to save your marriage. Although this is an affair issue, 
I will not be talking about how to catch your spouse, how to stop the affair, or how to reconcile after the affair has stopped. And I should also add that I’m not a trained counselor and the advice I give is strictly based from my own experience, my study of God’s word, and the helpful counsel I received when I went through this same ordeal.

As I promised yesterday I want to share some things I learned from my own experience with a spouse that wanted to be with someone else. This is a very tough issue and there is no way I can be completely thorough with just one blog post. So for more information please read some of our other post. And don’t forget, if this is the situation you find yourself in, I strongly recommend you read Dr. James Dobson’s book, “Love must be tough.”

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