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Is It Possible For Marriage To BE Perfect

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I have come to believe that I can truthfully say my marriage is perfect. Now I know that sounds like a very bold statement. And I know some may think that is a very naive statement. But please hear me out on this.1422245_37709115

There is one single reason I believe my marriage is perfect and I will give you that reason. But first let me tell you what I’m not saying.

I’m not saying my marriage is perfect because we have perfect communication and we always understand each other. No even after all these years we still find ourselves misunderstanding each other. But we are trying to do better.

Is it because we never argue? Yea right. No we still get into disagreements and heated discussions. However we have learned to fight fair, unlike the way we use to get down right mean toward each other when we argued.

Is it because we always show love and affection for each other? No. Sometimes we still get stressed and caught up in our own stuff and we neglect being loving and affectionate.

Is it because we have the greatest sex life? No that’s not it either. We have a good sex life, but we could still do better with frequency and exploring how to please each other.

Is my marriage perfect because my wife and I are best friends? No. It is true we are best friends. We would rather spend time with each other more than doing anything else. But sometimes we get frustrated with each other and we forget to be kind and patient with each other.

I don’t believe my marriage is perfect because my wife and I are perfect. My marriage is perfect even though we have flaws.

I believe my marriage is perfect for one simple reason. Our marriage is a covenant. Yes that’s it, that’s the big secret. Oh you may say “I know marriage is a covenant, but I don’t see how that makes it perfect.” So let me explain.

We have been through a lot in our relationship and yet we are still together for the simple reason that our marriage covenant is what held us together and still holds us together until “death do us part.” I put it like this, our marriage is the thing that has held our relationship together.

And now that our marriage has held our relationship together it also compels us to grow in our relationship in every area we find ourselves coming up short. It’s like our marriage is something that is living and to keep it living we learn what it takes to nurture it and keep it strong. Then also to keep it strong we learn to give grace, acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness whenever we come up short.

Because we understand there is no perfection in any relationship by which it can be measured as we are all flawed individuals. That’s why marriage is so perfect, because it has the ability to keep two flawed individuals living together in a relationship where they are guaranteed to hurt each other. And not only does it keep us together, it encourages us to grow.

Now whenever couples come into our class or reach out to us online with some sort of marriage problem and while they are in the mist of that problem they say their marriage isn’t working. I then say to them, “yes your marriage is working. In fact it is working perfectly because if it wasn’t for your marriage you wouldn’t be here seeking answers on how to make your relationship work.”

So yes! I believe my marriage is perfect as well as so many other marriages are perfect and so many more could be. The only thing required for a perfect marriage is to give the marriage every opportunity to do the work it was designed to do. Don’t give up and let the covenant of marriage bring about that oneness it was created for.


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  1. Robyn says:

    “our marriage is the thing that has held our relationship together.” AWESOME point, what a beautifully powerful way to view it!!

  2. Beautiful post!

    I love you how you re-define the idea of perfect.

    My favorite sentence? “Then also to keep it strong we learn to give grace, acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness whenever we come up short.”

    Love it!

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