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Resurrected Marriage

Today’s guest post for “Stories of Redeemed Marriages” is from Ian & Megan from Manchester – England

We learnt the hard way that adultery doesn’t only happen in ‘bad’ marriages. We had what I, and everyone else believed to be a really good marriage: we were the lovey-dovey couple, we went to Church, and we even liked each other! We foolishly thought we didn’t need to set up boundaries because we believed that would never happen to us.

Ian and Megan

We both desired a family and, since we both come from big families, assumed that this would just happen. After five years of nothing happening, we had lots of tests and were eventually told that it was highly unlikely that we would conceive naturally. Our diagnosis – unexplained infertility.

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A Glimmer of Hope

Today’s guest post from Melissa Titus is for our Stories of Redeemed Marriages

20130907_205047On our wedding day, I truly believed I was Cinderella. I was marrying my Prince Charming and all my dreams had (or soon would) come true. As Chris and I walked down the aisle as husband and wife for the first time to Etta James “At Last”, I was filled with the greatest joy I had ever known. At last I had someone to fulfill all my hopes and dreams, to meet all my needs, to fill the void. We grew up without many of our needs met. We learned to either take what we needed from others, to give up, or we just needed to wait for the “right” person to come along. We headed into happily ever after repeating these bad habits from childhood.

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Amazing Grace- Redeeming Love

Today’s guest post for Stories of Redeemed Marriages comes from Wendi. We hope her testimony brings hope to many who read it.


Hell is real. It’s a real place of torment that the unredeemed go for eternity and it’s also a place here on earth that some of us have visited, wallowed in and become more than acquainted with before being washed in the precious blood of Jesus….

I lost custody of my children due to some bad choices on my part in ’97.  I had opted for a tubal ligation after the birth of my second daughter in ’96.  I must start with this because it plays a big part in some horrible decisions that I would make in the years to come and add to the pain I would come face to face with just a few short years ago. Read more

Renovated Hearts

Today’s guest post for Stories of Redeemed Marriages is from Cassandra Salamone.


My husband and I have been together since 2005 but married two years and 5.75 months. We share 4 children together–a full house! Right from the start of our relationship, we developed a deep love for one another, but our foundation was cracked. We knew when we said our marriage vows that we were building our house–our marriage– on a foundation that was cracked by selfishness, pride, resentments, and distrust.

My husband wanted to postpone our marriage. I felt a push in my spirit from God to make certain we did not delay, so we proceeded with His building plans (our marriage) in spite of our shoddy relationship. I went into our marriage with one focus: to change my husband into the man I thought he should be. My husband has told me that he went into our marriage with the desire to escape it even though he loved me and wanted to do the right thing by God.

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Redeemed by 5:21, Grace and Nakedness.

We are starting a new page here on Redeeming Marriages, called Stories of Redeemed Marriages.

Today’s guest post is from Pearl.

Pearl Headshot

Pearl’s focus is restoring waning female libido and sexual intimacy in marriage because of her own challenges in this area. The grittiness of life (parenting children with learning differences and navigating the genepool of mental illness) has also shaped Pearl. Her luster comes from the HOPE she’s received from the beloved Word of God. She wishes to share HOPE with her beautiful readers to help them redeem their low-libido. You can find Pearl in the OysterBed (www.oysterbed7.com).

Redeemed by 5:21, Grace and Nakedness.

~ Pearl (& Mr. Muscle approved)


Within the first two weeks of marriage, my handsome, young husband made a wise statement that we would return to again and again. He invoked the 5:21 rule, “I want our marriage to always be based upon respect and communication.”

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